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Please help us, if someone would like to assist in running our website please contact the Chairman, we need another person to help us continue this website.

Well I guess by reaching this page you have had a good look round our new website. We would very much appreciate your feedback, good, bad or indifferent. Can you find what you wanted? Are the pages clear and easy to understand? Do you like the new features, like the calendar, the ability to print a page or create a pdf file for your own computer, the links to other websites, the ability to email us directly from the websites, etc, etc?

We are  looking for someone to learn how to maintain this website and act as a backup. At the moment just one person maintains it and when he’s away or on holiday the site will quickly become out of date. The web software we use is called WordPress. Its fairly easy to learn and our site is not too difficult to maintain. If you are interested please contact the chairman.

Do you know of a member who is ill or in hospital?

 We like to contact members who may be ill &/or in hospital to wish them well, so if you do know of anyone who is sick or in hospital for any reason please let Linda Savage know so that a card may be sent from us all.



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