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Clarification of Terms Membership.

A member is a person who has joined by filling in his or her form and on payment of the club fee. Once this fee is accepted and banked they become a member. Only at this point can they have voting rights and can participate in club events or activities.


These are classified as items that are organised by the committee or have been accepted by the committee. ( eg Speakers corner ) or any special function, all must have been agreed by the committee. Each event is open to all members. Booking system: Currently names are taken at coffee mornings, or members can telephone the event organiser direct. These lists are to show the members interest in the particular event. The lists do not constitute acceptance or indeed reserve a place. Members are only booked on the event once payment in full is received and banked. Part deposits are no longer accepted. Full payment must be made no later than the next coffee morning following booking on the event or before direct to event organiser. Failure to make your payment within this time frame means that the place could be offered to others. Booking on another persons behalf must be with full payment at that point. If the club incurs any costs (e.g. paying coach companies prior to the event) then monies cannot be refunded.


These are classified as items that are organised by members generally of a sporting nature or educational, whereby other members attend on a weekly or monthly basis. Separate fees are paid collectively by the respective groups to suit their activity. These run on a self financing basis by each group and are not subsidised by the full membership. Activity Start up Ideas. Such activities can be financially assisted to start up if a member has an idea for an activity that may benefit other like minded members. It is the committee final decision to offer start up assistance and terms for self sufficiency later. Obviously it is not in the interests of the committee or the membership to penalise any member if they incur costs personally. All reasonable expenses will be paid by the club. Likewise each member must be mindful of expenditure. The committee should be consulted prior to any purchases and voted upon. Purchases within activities are to be agreed within each activity and do not form any cost back to the committee or indeed the full membership.

By Committee.