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Speakers Corner Update Programme for 2017

Tuesday 28th March – “A Whimsical Tour of Accents & Dialects in the British Isles” – Derek Poulson  Haling Dene


Tuesday 4th July  – “Remembering the Sixties”  Mike Watkins  Haling Dene


Thursday 26th October  –  “The Life & Songs of George Formby”  Peace Memorial Hall including lunch.


Speakers Corner

speakers  Speakers Corner takes place about every two months and usually the meetings are held at Haling Dene on a Tuesday afternoon. These events will only cost £2.50 which includes tea/coffee and biscuits. They are always interesting, often funny and sometimes include demonstrations.


Thursday. 19th November. A lunch-time Murder Mystery at the Peace Memorial Hall.

For further information on any of the above events, contact Meryl George (01785 713180) or Anne Smith (01785 715120)