Agenda Thursday 8th Mar 2018

At PPMH 9.30am

  1. Present :
  2. Apologies :
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting by Mrs L.Savage :
  4. Matters Arising:
  5. Financial Report – Mr. A. Chivers:

1)   Feb 12th Big Breakfast at Bridge £7 10.00am

2) Final accounts for 20016/17 The new auditor is Ann Emberton Should be final for

March  meeting.

3) Indoor bowling final costs

6 .Correspondence

7 Social Programme:

1)   16th March Quiz night ? Subject to Quizmaster

2) 22nd March Spot Gate Lunch cost £22

3)   Friday 13th April Big Band Concert cost £8

4) 19th April Jewellary Quarter cost £25

5) 14th May- 2018 Okehampton 5day holiday Manor Hotel midweek

6) 21st June Winterbourne house   cost £15

7) 5th July Strawberry tea/ Afternoon tea/ revised system maybe David St John?

8)   Aug Tewksbury/Upton?

9)   Sept Black country revisit?

10)   Sept Hereford Cider Museum/City centre

11)   Oct

12)   Nov

13)   Dec Xmas lunch


Suggestions for future events: see separate sheet


1) Liverpool for terracotta army

2)   Bletchley Park revisit?

3)   JCB tour?

4)  Lion Salt works Northwich?

5) Avoncroft museum Bromsgrove?



  1. Speaker’s Corner


9.Any other Business: .


Details of trips for Federation website. Federation meeting.

Indoor bowling one more try in Jan then shelved if no interest.

Finished Feb 7th 2018 lack of support.


10.Date and Time of Next Meeting.