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New committee members needed.

At the AGM we will be requesting for new Committee members, 3 to 5 positions will possibly become vacant.

In the past we have needed a voting system to join the committee, but this year maybe we do not get so many people interested.

Without a successful committee events, games etc become more difficult to run, therefore please consider carefully how you feel you can help Phoenix continue to be a success.

Please do not think someone else will do it, otherwise we may get nobody coming forward.

Please contact our Secretary Linda Savage directly through this site or on her personal e-mail if you have it, or by telephone.

We need your help


Agenda Thursday 14th July 2016


Agenda Thursday 14th July 2016

At PPMH 9.30am

  1. Present :
  2. Apologies :
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting by Mrs L.Savage :

4.Matters Arising:

1)   Newsletter January and July

5.Financial Report – Mr. A. Chivers:

1)   8th June Matlock Bath Heights of Abraham   actual profit/loss?

2)   27th June Strawberry tea cost £ 6

3)   Return of Phoenix equipment / or payment?

4)  Presentation of accounts for AGM/ Independent Examiner

6 .Correspondence

7 Social Programme:

1) 17th Sat Sept 2016 Golf Club booked, Tribute night Beatles £ 20

2) 14th Oct possible Skittles ?

3) 20th Oct Liverpool Albert dock cost £14

4) 11th Nov Quiz night Cost ?£4

5) 12th Nov One man variety show at PPMH ( organised by Edwina ) £10

6) 21st Nov Chester shopping and xmas market cost £11.5 ?

7) 5th Dec date Xmas Lunch £18.00

8) 14th and 28th January 2017 Curling ?

Suggestions for future events: see separate sheet

1)   Possible Brewery visit ?

2) Hereford and the Cider Museum ?

3)   Leighton Hall Lancaster home of the Waring and Gillow family ?

4)   Symphony Hall Birmingham concerts?

5)  Trip from Liverpool to Manchester up canal ?

6)   Peck Forton castle ? Lunch

7)   Bletchley Park revisit?

8) Trip/ Hotel midweek ?

9) Oswestry trip ?

10) Black country revisit?

11) Nottingham ?


  1. Speaker’s Corner


9.Any other Business:

1) Federation meeting

2) Table Tennis future ?

3) Website future ?

4) Committee members review for next year? In Newsletter request for new members.



  1. Date and Time of Next Meeting.